Silly Point.

Apparently VM was caught in Silly Point trying to follow IPL (Items Performing Lachak-Machak) which kept had kept him away from Blog-O-Puram. But after watching the performance of Royal Challenge, Bangalore his face turns out to be a Chavanprash-Fed-Monkey! Even after 4 pegs (matches) of RC, Bangalore kick does not seem to rise. Still VM pathetically follows IPL, not for teams playing, but to watch those teasing cheer girls who appear like much awaited advertisement break in-between a RGV’s movies. Being a Tennis-Ball-Galli-Cricket Champion himself, VM admits that picking Kevin Pietersen (Alias KP) to play for RC, Bangalore was more like Upendra (Kannada Film Star) being signed for a James Bond Movie. Bari Olu!

During a high level harkoling conference with his friends (online) VM encounters a problem which heats up an argument (more than IPL items) among the creative-danda-pindas across the globe.

Problem Statement/Silly Point:

The Government of India has conferred the coveted Padma-Shri award to the renowned spiritual leader Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, which has apparently led to the delightful side effect of adding another extra “Shri” before his name.”  (Source: News reported from a highly public secret hideouts near Doddakere Maidaana, next to Annamma Temple’s Shamiyaana tentu).

Wasting no time, renowned mathematicians from across the world has been working on a desperate solution, as this has become a national issue now. Using the value of “Pi” one of the Mathematicians from MIT has suggested 2 possible solutions.

Proposed Solution 1: Padma 3(Shri) Ravi Shankar

Proposed Solution 2: Padma Shri3 Ravi Shankar

When the question regarding the problem was posted to Ravi Shankar himself he rejected to add one more “Shri” to his name. When asked why, VM was informed that it was “Art of LEAVING”. However the Ministry of External Affairs has declined to increase the number of characters for name in passport application.

The move from Govt. of India to honor Vijay Mallya created more heated controversy overshadowing the above stated problem, when Vijay Mallya was addressed as “Padma-Shri Dr. Mr. Vijay Mallya” during an election campaign.

Similar controversial cases have been reported across different parts of when the list of awardees were announced. Opposition party leader Advani has also expressed that he sees hands of Al-Turq-E-Sabrustan in these. Former thinker, scientist, president APJ Abdul Kalam has predicted that this could be a potential problem if this award is presented to achievers in sports category. He quoted an example of this award being presented to “Sree-santh”.

With Indian media chewing on this fodder for days now, one of the correspondent made the following statement” OMG! there is no award like Padma Raja. Otherwise our Govt. would have awarded posthumously on Raja Raja Chola “ Women activist/politician Maneka Gandhi has also raised concerns regarding creating new category of awards for women “Padma-Stree” which is highly opposed by Indian Gay-Society in US.

While our HRD ministry continue to entertain people like cheer girls in IPL once a while, they have allowed people to react/comment/act, scientists to think, creating hundreds of jobs during recession. Whatever the heated argument that might be warming the globe, VM decides to continue his marathon effort to follow Chikka-Chaddi-Cheer-Garals. If not RC Bangalore, they ROCK!


2 thoughts on “Silly Point.

  1. Yep!! Understood. There’s nothing else to watch in lazy IPL cricket other than “Chikka-Chaddi-Cheer-Garals”. That’s the reason, my husband doesn’t take his eyes off his lappie.
    Thanks for enlightening me on that! 😀

  2. Vishwas ……… u r sorely missing in action these days. Please come back with some more burude biding for us.

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