Creatively Crafted Auto-Response.

VM’s iPhone Mail inbox shows 1 unread message. Without hesitation he taps to open an email, for what appears to be an auto-generated-response.  (Upon some serious consideration about the frequency of kireeking, VM had sent a note to his brain’s Creativity VP few days back and had not got any response). In the best public interest to answer his reader’s/friends’s questions, like any-other fresh-entry-level-developer, he posts the note to his blog!  We have obtained a copy of the email for our readers, below:

From:  VM’s Creativity Brain Desk
(This is creatively not an auto-generated response.)

Currently I am out on a vacation and will not return to your brain’s desk till end of the current month. Incase if you need any ideas, please stop contacting us and think! Depending on the type of request you have sent us, I will hold the rights to respond to your mind. If you are not satisfied with our work, try hiring someone else or wait till I return.

Your Creativity’s VP.

Sent from his whatever!


2 thoughts on “Creatively Crafted Auto-Response.

  1. ….. something is better than nothing …….even if the something says a lot about nothing

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