Mankind has always struggled to keep things simple. Be it mind, money or relationships. No matter what, complications have always inspired the human mind to think change. Best example of simplicity residing within the convoluted world of information is Twitter. VM (@vishwasmurali) thinks this innovation has changed the way we look at life itself. Here are some of the examples, with the advent of twitter

  1. Express Yourself – Freedom of speech is limited. Thank GOD scolding from parents are limited to 140 only. I don’t need to listen to hours of lecture.
  2. Status – Has forced mankind to re-invent the scripting language to fit the freedom of expression within those characters.
  3. Go Green – Since some expressions are cut short like WTF instead of What The @#$%, it has made the dictionary to reduce in size, saving pages.
  4. Get Social – You still get to follow all your girl friends while you can block your wife from the list
  5. Get Personal – If you don’t get your manager’s attention at work, follow his daughter.
  6. Easy Usage – If college exams allow twitter, I will re-tweet my friends answers!
  7. RT – Has risen value from cultural perspective. You can stay close to GOD by following GOD from Mac/iPhone/iPad and re-tweeting (RT) HIS tweets.
  8. Real Time Update – Now doctors can understand their patients as to how they feel in real time. A patient in dentist clinic undergoing treatment, who cannot speak, can now yell at doctor through words!

Thank You Twitter. You changed my life!


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